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Doc LaDue's Dermabenz-3 Shampoo works to clean your pet and degrease their skin to relieve itchy and scaling skin.  Scaling and itching can lead to more serious skin conditions such as infections and seborrheic disorders; therefore, it is important to treat scaly or itchy skin as soon as possible. This formulation contains both benzoyl peroxide and other ingredients to degrease and flush out follicles with antiseptic to prevent bacterial and fungal infections.Dermabenz-3 Shampoo is appropriate for cats, dogs and horses and will leave them smelling fresh with a citrus scent. This formulation is soap-free and contains moisturizers to smooth scaly skin while it cleans. This shampoo has everything you need to ensure that your pet stays clean and that his coat stays healthy, so order it today!

Lola's Dermabenz-3 Shampoo For Dogs & Cats 12oz.

SKU: SP1030
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